BAITE BTE13-009 CH340G Modification for 3.3v Logic

I bought the BAITE BTE13-009 off of eBay with the intention of using it to program some custom PCBs that I had made, it’s a nice USB to TTL adapter but I quickly found out that while there is a switch to switch between 3.3v and 5v this doesn’t change the logic level voltage but only changes the VCC pin voltage. After a quick google search I found the following video by Roland Nygren that showed you need to cut a trace on the board and then solder 2 capacitors together to get proper 3.3 logic level voltage.

Roland originally made a video where he showed that in order to use the BTE13-009 with 3.3v logic you would have to use a logic level shifter and another user RoterFruchtZwerg commented with a fix that involved cutting a trace and soldering 2 capacitors together. This fix worked perfectly for me and I’ve included a few pictures of my board before and after.






After doing this fix the serial adapter now properly switches between 3.3 and 5 volts and I’ve confirmed that it works when programming micro controllers that use either logic voltages. One other problem with this adapter is that it only allows up to 120mA of current, this is fine for most things but for something like the ESP8266 which requires up to 260mA peak current you wouldn’t be able to use this adapter without a separate power supply for the micro controller.