DCcEle Dccduino Arduino Uno Clone Drivers

EDIT: There are some versions of this that don’t have the DDcduino name on the silk screen but are exactly the same, all links to the DDcduino will now link to the cheaper unbranded version.

The DCcduino Uno is a popular Arduino Uno r3 pin and feature compatible clone with a few differences

IMG_2661_highlightedThe board comes with extra pads next to the standard headers so you can add yourself a second row of female headers and it also includes 12 pads not available on the standard Arduino Uno that allow you to solder in headers giving you extra RX/TX, SCL/SDA, 3.3v/5v, and GND locations which are really useful if you’re using a lot of pins.

Most of these newer Arduino clones including this one use a USB CH340 Serial Converter instead of the Uno standard Atmega16U2 chip or FTDI chips which were a very popular chip up until recently when FTDI updated their drivers to combat counterfeit chips by basically bricking them when you applied the update.


The now more popular CH340 chips work great and the drivers are included in Windows 8+ and Linux by default, unfortunately that means if you’re running Windows 7 or Mac OS X you going to have to do a little bit of extra work to install the CH340 drivers and get these going. I’ll show you how to install the DCcduino Uno driver to make your computer recognize your device over USB.


For Windows 7

  1. Download the drivers from their site here or here to download them from my site.
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Navigate to the CH341SER folder and run the setup.exe to install.


Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac to test installing the drivers but over on Alexandre’s blog he wrote a post explaining how to install the drivers which seems to be working for people. I’ve uploaded the file to my site which you can download from here if for some reason both links to the file on his site should go down.

Once you’ve done all that you should be able to plug in your board and select the new COM in your Arduino IDE Serial Port menu and upload code.


You can buy one here here.